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Charli Xcx Good Ones Official Video [Reaction] We Like Those

Gomez invited 800 fans to the district's Palace Theater for a special Revival event where they were surprised by also being cast in the final stage performance scene of the video.[61][62] She wanted this scene to emulate what inspires and motivates her in life.[29] In an interview for Billboard magazine, Gomez explained, "The number one priority when it comes to anything I do is my fans...we wanted this ending to be really cool and interactive in a way".[63] Haussman initially planned to omit the scenes with fans and use it as a bonus video instead, but liked how the scene came out in the end. The fans' reactions were filmed the day after Gomez's stage performance so Haussman could shoot close-ups of Gomez without obstructing their view. Haussman used a sequinned stage curtain to resemble the rain-soaked car window segment. He began the film editing, but had to travel to Europe, subsequently completing the final in the US.[60] The music video was premiered as an Apple Music exclusive on September 22, 2015.[64] It was released on YouTube on October 7, 2015.[65]

Charli Xcx Good Ones Official Video [Reaction] We Like Those



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