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Samples without biological damage, macro-cracks, knots, or other inhomogeneities were prepared from the heartwood of seven tropical wood species occurring in different geographical zones of the world: (1) Bangkirai (Shorea obtusa Wall.), 0.987 g/cm3; (2) Cumaru (Dipteryx odorata (Aubl.) Wild.), 0.996 g/cm3; (3) Cumaru Rosa (Dipteryx magnifica (Ducke) Ducke), 1.014 g/cm3; (4) Ipé (Tabebuia serratifolia Nichols.), 1.042 g/cm3; (5) Jatobá (Hymenaea courbaril L.), 0.907 g/cm3; (6) Kusia (Nauclea diderrichii Merill), 0.795 g/cm3; (7) Massaranduba (Manilkara bidentata A. Chev.), 1.012 g/cm3. For natural weathering, samples 375 78 20 mm3 (longitudinal radial tangential) were used, and for artificial weathering in a Xenotest, samples 38 38 8 mm3 (longitudinal radial tangential) were used. Before weathering, the top surfaces of samples were sanded along the grain with 60-grit sandpaper, followed by 120-grit sandpaper. Transverse ends of samples (78 20 mm2 or 38 8 mm2) were treated with silicone as a protection against water uptake and swelling during weathering.

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