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Team Viewer 10 With Premium Corporate Patch

Working in the software business i understand why teamviewer does not want to continue supporting older versions.. Having also purchased perpetual licenses in my case 4 more years does not really = perpetual...

Team Viewer 10 With Premium Corporate Patch

The correct way for teamviewer would be to provide the old server software to the community, and we could then setup servers that still handle the older versions... No ongoing costs for teamviewer and we can still use our perpetual licenses per the purchase terms..

On Dec 21st I received a notice from [email protected] that stated in part: "On January 19, 2021, your Teamviewer 9 license will be upgraded to Teamviewer 11." It then goes on to offer the complimentary trail of TV15. I have not seen any additional info from this notice, nor has my license been upgraded as stated in notice? Like others on this list - we have been a long time user with TV under the perpetual license agreement and during the past years we have help expand the TV base by promoting the product. Bottom line - is the upgrade to TV 11's perpetual license factual or a myth and the only path forward is to move to TV15 under a perpetual annual fee or move all of our long standing existing clients to another platform?

2. Please clarify what'll happen to the customers with a perpetual license after Dec, 31, 2023 when your "complimentary" period ends. Did I just lost my perpetual license that I've invested to access & remote control PCs through the internet? (Teamviewer has never promoted itself for being a tool for the LAN environment, I believe all of us have bought the product for its use through internet.)

So basically at some point in the future our perpetual licenses will be no longer valid outside of a LAN and will be forced onto subscription. So really this is the start of a mopping up exercise to ensure 100% of corporate users are on subscription within the next 5 years.

After update we spotted two problems:- we only have one channel on teamviewer 9 license (we had 2 channels on teamviewer 1),- we had liftetime licence, on teamviewer 9 it shows expirity date - 01.01.2013,

We have a full Version 6 license today we have a bunch of clients (30-40 known so far across multiple locations) that cannot connect to the teamviewer servers (Gives the "check your internet connection error) If we unintall and install a newer version, it works fine. Uninstall and reinstall the licensed version 6 and back to not being able to connect.

Encountered connectivity problem in TeamViewer today. Tried to email [email protected]; unfortunately they discontinued the usage of the support email address. Is there any other way to contact teamviewer support via email or chat? thanks

I understand that a product has to have a lifetime, and I knew going in that Teamviewer 10 would not be around forever. However, 5/6 years is ridiculous, especially considering the cost of the perpetual license. Aside from the product itself, I don't appreciate the sales tactics of Teamviewer as a company. They could've been more up front about the actual lifecycle of the product. They didn't even CREATE the LIFECYCLE POLICY until 2018 which was 3 years after I purchased my product. When I purchased Teamviewer, I entered in a good faith agreement with them that is binding to both of us.... you can't just decide to retroactively change the terms of an agreement for any reason, and when you are trying to force people into a subscription, which is really their ultimate goal, it is even more egregious. This has absolutely nothing to do with security at all. It's very much in bad faith.

I was outraged at this announcement. We spent a lot of money to play fair and buy a multi-user Teamviewer commecial licence in 2015, only to have Teamviewer start nagging us and our customers to pay for an expensive update within months. Now this? Canceling our perpetual licence? Shockingly bad behavior by Teamviewer, and I hope to see it corrected quickly with an apology to customers.

I look forward to the position of some moderator of the forum, because I believe that we will have hundreds of complaints here, I hope that all users can revolt and come here in this topic and talk about their indignation. Has anyone called the Team viewer company to see what will be done? or that's right. :( will we have to be injured without going to court? is the Team Viewer justice stronger? Team Viewer is thinking that it is above the law, because the company must have more than 50 lawyers, I think we will lose this fight. :( Has anyone got a position at Team Viewer?

And if any of your employees need to share files with any other teammates on a regular basis, TeamViewer's quick and easy file sharing ability uses a drag-and-drop interface to help employees collaborate.

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The button to submit a ticket on the teamviewer support page isn't working in Chrome, Edge, or Internet Explorer. I put my email address in, hit submit, and nothing happens. So, hopefully someone in the community has an answer to this. I've tried reinstalling from scratch, and confirming that my Premium subscription is showing up properly in the web portal.

Through Microsoft Teams, you can securely collaborate with partners outside your organization. Shared channels make it easier to collaborate with those inside and outside your organization, helping your extended team work effectively and efficiently. With shared channels you can schedule meetings, share files, and work together in apps without switching tenants.

Create tags and assign people to them so you can @mention a group, role, department, etc. Team owners, try it out for yourselves. Go to a team, tap > Manage tags. Once a tag exists, team members can start a group chat with them by going to Chat > New chat and type the name of the tag in the To: field. Learn more at Using tags in Teams.

Support technicians have their preferences when it comes to the platform they want to troubleshoot from. With Zoho Assist, the top Teamviewer alternatives, technicians can either start troubleshooting right from their browser with the web-based console or use the application-based console. The browser-based console can be used by a technician to initiate a remote support session faster without downloads.

When your organization has to contend with an increased volume of remote support requests, you might then need more technicians to help out your remote customers. Zoho Assist, the top Teamviewer alternative, has no cap on the number of technicians you can have. Include as many technicians as you want in your organization, and have them support customers remotely and access unattended computers.

Price is a major deciding factor when two software options offer the same set of services. Zoho Assist provides you features like file transfer, instant chat, multi-monitor navigation, rebranding, and built-in integrations at less than half the price of TeamViewer. If you buy remote support software that requires a yearly plan, you could end up regretting that later. Zoho Assist, a free alternatives to Teamviewer offers you a 15-day free trial with all features. You also have the advantage of choosing the monthly-billing or the yearly-billing option with Assist.

Setting up your devices for remote work or remotely helping out a colleague are basic stuff you should be able to do with the free version of remote access software. The free edition of Zoho Assist is built to provide remote support from your browser without demanding for a download or installation at either end. Apart from remote support, unlike Teamviewer, Zoho Assist - free Teamviewer alternative allows you to configure up to 5 devices for unattended access and manage them.

Microsoft announced a New Intune Remote Help Solution available with Intune MEM admin center from Microsoft. Microsoft already has a third-party integrated solution (Teamviewer) for remote assistance or remote control from the MEM admin center portal. The Teamviewer solution comes with additional license charges.

Microsoft already announced that this comes with an additional premium price over existing EMS or M365 E3/E5 licenses. It seems the MEM community got surprised with the other license requirement for the new Intune Remote Assistance solution integrated with the admin center. This feature will be Generally Available by early next year (2022).

Microsoft announced a native remote assistance solution New Remote Help Solution Available With Intune MEM Admin Center From Microsoft. Microsoft already announced that this comes with an additional premium price over existing EMS or M365 E3/E5 licenses.

The Remote Help is a premium add-on application that works with Intune. You can buy the remote help licenses from Microsoft 365 admin center. When Microsoft introduced Remote Help solution in Intune, it was a Preview feature with a (preview) tag in MEM portal. The good news is Remote Help feature is now generally available in Intune.


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