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The Last Manhunt Subtitles English Fixed

The film opens in 1906 in the Chemehuevi Indian land at Joshua Tree, California. The tribe exists as a few dozen members. Willie Boy (Martin Sensmeier) and Carlotta (Mainei Kinimaka) are in love. Her father claims their relationship is forbidden mumbling something about blood and first cousins, clearly not Amish. Carlotta once again runs off to be with Willie Boy. Her father goes after her and catches up. They struggle over a gun. Her father gives her up over his dead body in an accident. Mom manages to get the local sheriff to go after them in what will be a 600 mile manhunt and the last one of its kind. It is based on an oral story that has been passed down.Basically the film is as boring as watching paint dry. People walking in the desert complaining that the horses need water. Jason Momoa has an embarrassing small role being listed as "additional" cast members in IMDB right after Ben #2 and the uncredited stable guard. The real story was how the newspaper covered the story and fabricated aspects to titillate the readers and sell papers. The film should have covered the story from that angle and made Randal Madison (Mojean Aria) the lead character. We do see a proud Native American not wanting charity from the people who put them in the position of needing charity. Funny how that goes.Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity. Should be able to get a good nap.

The Last Manhunt subtitles English

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