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Scuffham Sgear 2 With Crack Hit: Why You Should Try This Software Guitar Amp Today

when you're using headphones, expect a lot of your listening to take place in the home environment. it's very rare that a bar or restaurant will provide a truly optimal listening experience (unless you're willing to spend your money there). a good headphone amp can take a bit of abuse and still deliver great performance under the worst of conditions. start with the basics like your volume control and make sure that you're not hearing any buzzing. then, while adjusting the volume at normal listening levels, turn the amp up to one extreme or the other and see if that causes the same results. if it does, you may be dealing with a case of distorted sound.

Scuffham Sgear 2 With Crack Hit

plug different headphones into the amp and make sure that when you turn the volume up to one extreme or the other that you're not hearing a similar change in level of hiss or noise. if you're hearing any of these things, you need to do a bit more research on your headphones, amplifier and any other components you're using to determine how to fix it. this is particularly true if you find yourself hearing things like "metallic" or "electric" buzzes, as these can indicate a fairly serious problem.

this isn't a specific knob to adjust, or even a specific type of microphonic that you have to adjust, but it's still something to be aware of. after-market graphic equalizers aren't designed to be used this way. your brain, whether it's not a good one, compensates for these circumstances by putting weight on the right-hand side of the graph, and this is what the even- or odd-numbered band levels should be set to. it shouldn't matter what you hear in the headphones, but you may hear bass frequencies and see them shift around or drop out entirely. also, the same thing will happen with treble frequencies, though this is a more subtle effect and you'll know it if you hear it in your ears.


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