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Where To Buy Office Chairs Near Me

Because chair comfort is such a personal thing, in our 2019 round of tests we asked staffers of various body types, from a 5-foot-2 writer to a 6-foot-2 editor, to test each chair at our New York office. Each panelist evaluated the chairs on the above criteria using a modified version of this ergonomic seating evaluation form (PDF) from Cornell University, ranking the chairs on all the criteria on a scale from 0 (unacceptable) to 10 (excellent). We also gathered long-term testing notes for the chairs that staffers had been using in our offices for months.

where to buy office chairs near me

All testers ran the office chairs through the same basic testing gauntlet, assessing comfort, body support, adjustability, and durability. This meant sitting in the chairs while typing at computers, playing video games, writing emails, sitting through meetings, and just leaning back to think. We sat in them properly and improperly, we aggressively twisted knobs, and we wheeled them recklessly around the office for over two weeks.

More recently, over a few weeks in my home office, I did an additional round of testing three sub-$400 office chairs: the HON Convergence, the HON Ignition 2.0, and the Fully Desk Chair. Wirecutter editor Ben Keough (who is 6-foot-1) tested the HON Ignition 2.0 and the Fully Desk Chair at the same time in his home office.

Whether at home or work, many of us spend significant amounts of time in office chairs. A quality chair is adjustable and comfortable, able to support you for long hours. That's especially important if your workspace is also where you spend your free time.

At Insider Reviews, we've tested many office chairs for our guide to the best ergonomic chair. Lots of factors determine whether a chair will be comfortable for a specific person. Someone who's tall and only spends a few hours at their desk may need something different than a shorter person who sits at a desk all day and into the night.

We've personally tested chairs from the retailers and brands below. Some are dedicated to making office furniture, while others are more general. We tried to offer a range of prices and styles, but for the most part, you'll have to spend at least a few hundred dollars to get a quality chair with good ergonomic features, like adjustable armrests.

If it's at all possible, you should sit in several office chairs before buying one. You'll get an idea of the features and materials you like while also learning what feels comfortable. Many Staples stores should have at least a few options for you to test.

Although its selection is limited, Branch does make the top pick in our guide to the best ergonomic office chairs. The Branch Ergonomic is the company's mid-priced chair. You can adjust the height, width, and depth (though not the angle) of the armrests, and the seat moves up and down and forward and back. The padded seat is comfortable enough to sit in all day.

Gaming chairs aren't always as ergonomic as office chairs. However, we did choose a Secretlab model as the top pick in our guide to the best gaming chairs. In addition to height and armrest adjustments, some of the company's chairs come with lumbar support.

X-Chair makes pricey but comfortable and customizable office chairs. Some models, like the X3 ATR Mgmt Chair, have options like a wider seat, headrest, and memory-foam cushion. These extras cost more for an already expensive chair.

Steelcase makes highly adjustable office chairs in a variety of styles. We like how customizable many of the models are. The fabric choices come in a rainbow of colors so you can find something to match your office (or kitchen table).

Price: The differences between a $150 and $1,500 office are substantial. More expensive chairs will have more adjustability, are made of nicer materials, and often have longer warranties.

Steelcase may be the largest office chair manufacturer, but Herman Miller is the best-known. Its iconic Herman Miller Aeron Chair is nothing short of revolutionary, with a pellicle mesh suspension that eliminates pressure points and suspends your body atop a hammock-like web of pure support. Herman Miller also manufactures other popular chairs, including the Embody and Sayl. These both offer unbelievable adaptability and smooth casters that swivel into place.

Staples is the iconic office superstore. It features nearly 1,500 physical locations in North America alone. The company also has a sprawling online presence where you can find and search for various supplies and furniture. Concerning its office desk chair selection, Staples prioritizes comfortable seats designed to keep you cozy throughout the workday. Some of the office chair brands found on-site and online include Serta, La-Z-Boy, and even Tempur-Pedic. The chain also carries budget and mid-range options, like breathable mesh task chairs from Flash Furniture and Raynor.

The wheels on the bottom of your chair are among the easiest parts to replace. If your current casters don't roll smoothly or are too loud, it might be worth replacing them instead of buying a whole new chair. I like these from Stealtho, a Ukrainian company. They'll work with nearly every office chair, though the company notes they don't work with Ikea chairs. The soft polyurethane material means these won't scratch or chip hardwood floors, as some plastic casters do, plus it'll feel like you're silently gliding as you roll from your desk to the fridge (don't judge).

Vilno Nobel Kneeling Chair for $250: This is one of the more exciting chairs I tested recently, because it's a freakin' kneeling chair. It was easy to put all the wood pieces together, and the seat cushion is surprisingly plump. It's an active chair, meant to keep your body moving and to also help keep your posture straight. It feels effective for the first few hours, but unfortunately, rocking in the chair tends to cause it to move around on the floor, so I frequently had to fix my position. Worse yet, my shins and knees grew fatigued, and I started feeling some pain after a few days. (It might be better to frequently swap between this and a traditional office chair.) You can't adjust its height, so it needs to be paired with a standing desk so that your palms don't rest on your desk. I don't think it's as effective as the Ariel we've listed up top.

Poppin Task Chair for $460: This is as simple as office chairs come. There aren't many parts of it you can adjust, but the back does an OK job of aligning with the spine. The upholstered seat is fine in terms of comfort, and the mesh material on the backrest makes it breathable. Unfortunately, the casters don't roll smoothly and are pretty loud. It's also puzzling why the Poppin costs as much as it does when you get so much more with our cheaper top pick.

Specifically designed for use at a desk, computer chairs are a staple in every office. These ergonomic chairs are lightweight and easily portable, and have numerous comfort features, including breathable mesh backs, swivel function, lumbar support, adjustable seat height and tilt control, and castor feet with wheels.

Our office chairs allow you to study and work in comfort! Place at your office or home office desk with your favorite office chair mat for easy gliding. Office chairs in classic designs are sure to look fantastic as your new desk chair.

Stylish and comfortable ergonomic computer chairs allow your desk chair to be one used in lasting comfort. Finish off the look of your desk by adding one of our office chairs, delivering the best seat for your office needs.

Are you looking for stylish and modern office chairs? The return to work phase can be so much better with sleek, modern, and attractive office decor! Investing in attractive furniture can seriously boost the appeal of in-office work.

Each type of chair has its own unique set of benefits that can cater to the needs of any individual or business.Mesh ChairsMade with a durable steel frame and a breathable mesh seat and back, our chairs are designed to provide optimal comfort and support. The chair conforms to your body for added support and has a built-in lumbar support. Plus, it's easy to clean so you can keep it looking fresh for years to come.Task Chairsit's important to have a comfortable chair that supports your back and helps you stay productive. That's why our task office chairs are perfect for anyone who wants to stay comfortable while they work. With a variety of features like adjustable heights, lumbar support, and padded seats, our chairs are designed to keep you comfortable all day long. Plus, they come in a variety of styles so you can find the perfect one to match your office decor.Ergonomic ChairsIf you're looking for an ergonomic office chair that will provide superior comfort and support, you'll want to check out our eurgonomic chairs. These chairs are designed to reduce stress on your back and neck, and they come in a variety of styles to suit any office decor. Whether you're looking for a traditional leather chair or a more modern mesh chair, we have an option that will fit your needs. And because we know that everyone's body is different, our chairs are adjustable to provide the perfect fit for anyone. So if you're looking for an ergonomic chair that will help you stay comfortable during those long work days, be sure to check out our eurgonomic office chairs!Guest ChairsWhether you're expecting an important client or hosting a casual meeting, our guest office chairs are the perfect way to make a good impression. Upholstered in a stylish fabric, these chairs offer comfort and support with a plush seat and padded backrest. Choose from a variety of colors to create the perfect look for your office space. Our guest chairs are sure to make a lasting impression.Office Lounge ChairsFreedman's offers a wide selection of office lounge chairs, office couches and office sofas to suit any need or budget. Whether you're looking for a cozy chair to curl up in with a good book or a stylish sofa to impress clients and coworkers, we have just what you're looking for. Our office lounge chairs are available in a variety of styles, including contemporary, traditional and even funky retro designs.Executive ChairsThese eye-catching executive office chairs will give your workspace a touch of luxury. They're perfect for the boss or CEO who wants to make a statement. With their sleek design and comfortable padding, they provide both style and comfort. The chairs are adjustable so you can find the perfect position, and they also have casters for easy movement. Whether you're working long hours or hosting clients, these chairs will help you get the job done in style. 041b061a72


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